First Information Event about the Online Lab Choir on July, 12th 2023

On 12th July 2023, the first information event about the online lab choir took place via Zoom, attracting a diverse group of participants eager to learn more about this unique opportunity. The event was led by Dr. Janine Hacker (University of Liechtenstein), Markus Rohregger (University Mozarteum Salzburg) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Carôt (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences), as well as other members of the Choir@Home research project.
At the information event, meeting participants could gain insights into the project motivation, structure and timeline, and, most importantly, learn more about the role of the online lab choir in the project. Specifically, participants got to know the music pieces that will be rehearsed and received first instructions concerning the hardware and audio equipment to be used. The information event provided a good opportunity to clarify initial questions and dissolve worries regarding the technological setup. Participants showed great appreciation for the attention to detail regarding the provided technological infrastructure, promising a smooth and enjoyable rehearsal process. Aside from the organizational aspects, the event fostered a first opportunity to meet the participants.
The online lab choir still has a few spots left. Interested? More information can be found here.
The next information events will take place on 19th of July and 16th August. We are looking forward to seeing you online!

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