Initiation of the Online Lab Choir

The Choir@Home project team has initiated the formation of the online lab choir. The lab choir will start to rehearse in September 2023 and support the evaluation of the concepts and solutions developed within the project.
For the online lab choir, we are currently looking for enthusiastic singers who would like to join us in trying out new concepts and technologies for conducting online choir rehearsals. The result of the rehearsals will be digital Christmas project in the form of a video to be broadcast at various Christmas markets.
If you are you a music enthusiast eager to explore online choral singing, we invite you to join our online lab choir!

Why should you participate?

  1. Seamless online rehearsals: Experience online rehearsals in real-time and enjoy a smooth singing experience.
  2. Free high-quality audio equipment: Benefit from the high-quality audio equipment, provided free of charge.
  3. Have fun and make new friends: Connect with other enthusiastic choral singers from around the world.
  4. Shape the future: Through your participation you contribute to shaping the future of online choral singing. Ultimately, making it accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Joining in is easy! These are the requirements:

  • Hardware: Laptop / PC / Tablet, stable internet connection with cable connection (LAN).
  • Singing skills: Everyone is welcome to join (singing experience is desirable, but not mandatory).
  • Contribution: Commit to attending rehearsals and recording your part. Your willingness to participate in surveys and consent for recordings of rehearsals for research purposes is essential for this project.


  • July 2023: Registration until 31 July 2023
  • July/August 2023: Voluntary information events on 12.07., 19.07., 16.08. (GMT+2): 7pm-8pm
  • September/October 2023: Six online rehearsals on Wednesdays (13.09., 20.09., 27.09., 04.10., 11.10., 18.10. (GMT+2): 7pm-8:30pm)
  • October 2023: Recording of the videos
  • November 2023: Video editing
  • December 2023: Broadcasting at various Christmas markets

How can I sign up?

Simply fill out the following form:
More information:
If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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