Project meeting in Innsbruck and launch of LabChoir 2.0

It is the first time that all project members are in one room and technically connected non the less. In addition to reflecting on and discussing the organizational direction of the project, the launch of LabChoir 2.0 was celebrated. Once again, some new singers met in the virtual space to work on the new pieces and rehearse them in the best possible way, away from each other but still together. The fact that choirmaster Markus Rohregger was in the same room as project coordinator Dr. Janine Hacker and Professor Heike Henning, who lent their voices to the choir, was absolutely unique. Professor Alexander Carôt provided the technology and took care of the fine-tuning with the necessary sensitivity, supported by Susanne Häfner (with the camera). All 30 participants in the digital laboratory choir 2.0 had been sent the FastMusicBox in advance so that they could form the choir together using the appropriate hardware and the low-latency Soundjack software.

A great project, from which the participating institutions – University of Liechtenstein, Mozarteum Salzburg in Innsbruck and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences – expect not only great joy, but also a lot of knowledge. What problems arise in virtual, low-latency music-making? What do the music teachers have to be prepared for and what do the participating singers have to expect?

The first laboratory choir has already gained a wealth of knowledge about being a digitale low-latency choir, which is being put to immediate use.

Laboratory choir presents video

Only six rehearsals preceded the singing of the first choral pieces Bell Carol an Jouluhymni by the Laboratory Choir. The first arrangement is now available on YouTube and represents a great result of the Erasmus+ research project Choir@Home. The special thing about it: the 34 participants from six countries did not sing in a room as usual, but used the digital low-latency software Soundjack to make music together. The singers‘ voices came together directly, resulting in a choir that actually sang in sync without any noticeable delay. The choir was conducted by Markus Rohregger from the Mozarteum Salzburg, who was able to influence both the individual vocal groups and the overall effect during the rehearsals.

The participants enthusiastically took on the special demands of singing together, who were able to see each other via a conference system, but could only hear each other with low latency. The fact that the singers had to concentrate primarily on listening posed a particular challenge. However, with headsets and equipped with modern technology, the hurdles were easily overcome.

Physical distance no longer played a role: singers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and the USA are part of the laboratory choir and thus form the basis for a new scientific approach to choral and music education in a digital context as well as for technical reflection and media use.



First Information Event about the Online Lab Choir on July, 12th 2023

On 12th July 2023, the first information event about the online lab choir took place via Zoom, attracting a diverse group of participants eager to learn more about this unique opportunity. The event was led by Dr. Janine Hacker (University of Liechtenstein), Markus Rohregger (University Mozarteum Salzburg) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Carôt (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences), as well as other members of the Choir@Home research project.
At the information event, meeting participants could gain insights into the project motivation, structure and timeline, and, most importantly, learn more about the role of the online lab choir in the project. Specifically, participants got to know the music pieces that will be rehearsed and received first instructions concerning the hardware and audio equipment to be used. The information event provided a good opportunity to clarify initial questions and dissolve worries regarding the technological setup. Participants showed great appreciation for the attention to detail regarding the provided technological infrastructure, promising a smooth and enjoyable rehearsal process. Aside from the organizational aspects, the event fostered a first opportunity to meet the participants.
The online lab choir still has a few spots left. Interested? More information can be found here.
The next information events will take place on 19th of July and 16th August. We are looking forward to seeing you online!

Initiation of the Online Lab Choir

The Choir@Home project team has initiated the formation of the online lab choir. The lab choir will start to rehearse in September 2023 and support the evaluation of the concepts and solutions developed within the project.
For the online lab choir, we are currently looking for enthusiastic singers who would like to join us in trying out new concepts and technologies for conducting online choir rehearsals. The result of the rehearsals will be digital Christmas project in the form of a video to be broadcast at various Christmas markets.
If you are you a music enthusiast eager to explore online choral singing, we invite you to join our online lab choir!

Why should you participate?

  1. Seamless online rehearsals: Experience online rehearsals in real-time and enjoy a smooth singing experience.
  2. Free high-quality audio equipment: Benefit from the high-quality audio equipment, provided free of charge.
  3. Have fun and make new friends: Connect with other enthusiastic choral singers from around the world.
  4. Shape the future: Through your participation you contribute to shaping the future of online choral singing. Ultimately, making it accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Joining in is easy! These are the requirements:

  • Hardware: Laptop / PC / Tablet, stable internet connection with cable connection (LAN).
  • Singing skills: Everyone is welcome to join (singing experience is desirable, but not mandatory).
  • Contribution: Commit to attending rehearsals and recording your part. Your willingness to participate in surveys and consent for recordings of rehearsals for research purposes is essential for this project.


  • July 2023: Registration until 31 July 2023
  • July/August 2023: Voluntary information events on 12.07., 19.07., 16.08. (GMT+2): 7pm-8pm
  • September/October 2023: Six online rehearsals on Wednesdays (13.09., 20.09., 27.09., 04.10., 11.10., 18.10. (GMT+2): 7pm-8:30pm)
  • October 2023: Recording of the videos
  • November 2023: Video editing
  • December 2023: Broadcasting at various Christmas markets

How can I sign up?

Simply fill out the following form:
More information:
If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project Meeting on 20-21 March 2023 

After our project kick-off meeting in September, the project team has been working diligently over the past few months to review the literature on online choral singing, improve the Soundjack platform (and even joined a virtual concert), and draft questions for our online survey. After months of virtual meetings, it was finally time to meet again in person earlier this week! 

The first day of the meeting took place at the Stella Vorarlberg Privathochschule für Musik in Feldkirch, Austria. Surrounded by the sounds of rehearsals in the adjacing rooms, the project team on-site, ie. Alexander Carôt (HSA), Markus Rohregger (Mozarteum University), and Janine Hacker (University of Liechtenstein), discussed the status quo of the project and the survey (to be launched soon). A dinner at an Italian restaurant concluded day 1. 

The second day took place at the University of Liechtenstein. The on-site team was gladly joined online by Heike Henning (Mozarteum University) and Susanne Häfner (HSA). In addition, Mirjana Schädler, conductor of the choir of the University of Liechtenstein, and Clarissa Frommelt (Agentur für Internationale Bildungsangelegenheiten Liechtenstein) were guests of the workshop. At our meeting, we exchanged thoughts about the online laboratory choir and many creative and exciting ideas for digital projects for the lab choir emerged. A nice #lunchWithAView at the caféteria of the University of Liechtenstein marked the end of our meeting.  

The project team would like to thank the Stella Vorarlberg Privathochschule für Musik for the opportunity to hold part of the workshop on their premises, as well as Mirjana and Clarissa for their contributions to the workshop. 

Below, you can find some pictures from our hybrid workshop 😊 

If you are interested in participating in our survey on online choir rehearsals or singing with us online, please contact us.